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Remote Repair Services in Williams County, Ohio

We are able to provide you with remote computer repair services. This will save you time by avoiding having you wait for us to drive out to your location. In order for us to provide remote services, you will have to install TeamViewer 7. This is the TeamViewer 7 link below. Click on this to download and install the program onto your computer:

Basic Clean Up Option

This is our basic clean up option. We will fix your main problem plus do an additional quick cleanup of your system.
This is our $50.00 service.

Full Clean Up

This is our full clean up option. We will fix your main problem and run our full cleanup process.
This is our $75.00 service.

Maintenance Program

This is our 1 year maintenance program for your computer. It includes a product that nearly eliminates virus problems. We also will be able to update your computer for the year to keep everything running in top shape. If you run across anything that doesn't work correctly, those calls are also included in this package.
This is our $175.00 service!

1 Year Maintenance with Bitdefender

We also are a re-seller and supporter of Bitdefender. It is one of the top anti-virus products out there today. We feel this adds an excellent layer of additional protection for your computer systems. The license we sell is good for 2 years and can be used on up to 3 computers at a time. We give a $15.00 discount for anyone on our remote agreement.
For more information regarding our remote computer services call Computer Services today at (419) 212-0549!